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The structured process behind successful Start-Up Scope

What is Start-Up Scope?

The Start-Up Consultation is an intensive, structured process designed to set your start-up up for success. It starts with an immersive focus session where you’ll sit down with start-up experts and ex-startup founders to dive into your start-up vision from a business standpoint. Then we’ll create the right list of scopes for your start-up, ensuring you have all the vital steps and points in consideration, you need to go to market and test your main assumptions.

How it works?

After all, we are all immigrants who formed this company, we know your challenges, we know your obstacles. The goal is to minimize the challenges you would face as we share our experience and knowledge with you.

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Why Us

Top Experts

We as a company or as individuals, we all have our successful portfolio. The strategy we use for your Start-Up, is the same strategy we implemented on different businesses to grow them exponentially, in different fields, different industries.

Immigrant team

We’ve been in your shoes, we’ve been where you are. We understand your obstacles, your challenges, your fears and your desires. As we’ve overcome those challenges we can help you to overcome them as well, but without any unnecessary hassle or trial and error.

We are business consultants specialised in SUV.

We not only know how to create a feasible and viable start-up, but also we know how to get you here. We know how to make you succeed in the Start-up visa program.

Dedicated team

We are dedicated to provide you the most value possible, and provide you 24/7 support, as your success is our success.


 We do our absolute best to make you successful, nevertheless, it’s worthy of consideration that you are, and will be owners, and the leaders of your start-up. So at the end, it depends on you and your work ethics, and your resilience.

Based on the IRCC, they know, and we all know, 70-80% fail in the early stages. Once your permanent residency is issued, it’s not conditional on the success of your start-up. 

(Disclaimer: This is not an immigration advice, it’s the expression of your experience and observation)

You enter the country with a start-up visa, upon landing you apply for the permanent residency of yourself and your family. Usually after a few months your permanent residency will be issued. 

(Disclaimer: This is not an immigration advice, it’s the expression of your experience and observation)

If your SUV gets rejected by any reason other than your IELTS Score, Background Check, or your Medical Exam, we will take accountability and our refund policy will be applied.

So far, out of more than a hundred start-up clients, our rejection rate has been 0%.

Start building your dream through SUV

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