How we get to our pricing

We have different variables affecting our prices. The stage that you’re start-up is at, the type of Letter of Support you’re looking for, the amount of investment you’re going after, and the number of different services you use from our package.

Your start-up stage

If you are just starting out, or you’re just firming your start-up team with a vague idea, it definitely requires much more work and effort than if you’re an established start-up with a validated idea.

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Type of letter of support

It depends if you’re looking to attain the letter of support from an angel investor or an incubator or a venture capitalist. Each one has their own standards and requirements, obviously the complexity of convincing a venture capitalist is higher than convincing a business accelerator.

Amount of investment

It is also critically important to see how much investment you’re looking for. If you’re at a very early stage, and an incubator suits you well, then that’s great. Sometimes you’re looking for a few hundreds of thousands of dollars or maybe millions of dollars. Based on the amount of investment, it’ll be determined how much effort and work we need to put upfront to be able to maximize your chances of getting the investment approval. If an angel investor just wants to invest 75,000 CAD, it’s easier to obtain it, rather than investing 750,000 CAD. Because for a 750,000 CAD, it’s required to have much stronger, detailed, and more accurate plans with a stronger proof of concept.

Number of services

This part varies totally on your needs. We provide development solutions, marketing solutions, more extended consultations, immigration services, pre-landing and after-landing services. The number of services that we provide, obviously affect our cost, and therefore, our price.

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