We are the spark that blazes the trail.

At NOVA Business Consulting, innovation is in our DNA. With a team comprised of former start-up founders and top talents in product design, business acceleration, sales, marketing, branding, software development, and business acquisition, our mission is to guide future entrepreneurs in exploring new ways to shock the system across a wide range of industries. 

  • We’ll guide you through the entirety of your start-up’s lifecycle, from market entry to exit.
  • We’ve helped over 100 start-up founders from Europe to East Asia establish a presence in Canada.
  • We have cultivated a wide network of immigration consultants, accelerators, and angel investors to help your start-up gain funding. 
  • We’ve helped earn our clients over $10,000,000 in start-up acquisitions and exits. 

Our Story

NOVA was founded in 2018 by a diverse team of individuals with one goal – to offer an effective, growth focused strategy for international start-ups looking to expand into Canada. We firmly believe that what makes Canada great is the cultural mosaic that comprises it, and our approach with each of our clients reflects that belief. 

We don’t just focus on the product, we focus on the people behind it. 

We know there isn’t a one-size fits all solution for scaling a start-up. Every idea has a different goal, audience, and vision, which is why we focus on understanding the individual needs of your business and how your vision fits ideally into the Canadian market. So far this has paid off, as out of more than 100 clients, our IRCC rejection rate has stayed at 0%.

We also believe in giving you the opportunity to live up to your own potential. That’s why we also offer the tools and resources to helpl educate you on how to effectively sell your ideas to investors and navigate the Canadian market. We’re here to empower you to inspire, innovate, and impact others, paving the way for the thought leaders of tomorrow. 

You've met us, now it's time for us to meet you.